All Programs

As educators we strive towards creating play based educational programs, which are based on the children’s interests and needs within a challenging and stimulating environment.

We are committed to providing programs in line with the Early Years Learning Framework, as well as ensuring that our practices are of a high standard so that we can continuing to EXCEED the requirements set out by National Quality Standard.

As a Centre we strive to be known for our innovative programs and high quality care. We continually look for new ideas and seek ways to continue to improve. With our dedicated and passionate educators we believe we are the benchmark of what high quality practice looks and feels like.

Within all programs the ‘structure’ of the session is critically important. This structure helps to provide stability, predictability and the sense of time and order that helps children feel secure. Our programs also value children’s sense of agency where choice is advocated.

Our partnerships with families focus on open communication, sharing information and knowledge about the child in order to create an atmosphere in which the whole family is welcomed and comfortable, which contributes to creating a positive environment for children to flourish.

Programs document children’s learning in a variety of ways. Each child also has a portfolio which demonstrates learning outcomes, milestones and anecdotes of their journey whilst at the Centre. We encourage families to be engaged with their childs/s portfolio and welcome any contributions that they can make. This portfolio of your child’s learning is yours to keep.

We believe children’s learning is ongoing and each child will progress towards development in different and equally meaningful ways. Learning is not always predictable and linear. We strongly believe that all children are capable and competent learners. Our educators plan and provide programs with this in mind.

All educators across all programs work cohesively and in consultation with each other to provide the best opportunities for your child to learn and excel.


The Centre provides a range of additional activities which are included in your fees. These activities complement and extend on our programs and provide opportunities to enhance each child’s learning and participation.

Activities can include:

·  Incursions such as – Farmyard animals, Wild Action Reptiles, Dance & Drama, Chick hatching, environmental issues (recycling, water), nutrition and health topics.

·  Special Days such as – Crazy Hair Day, Dress up days, Football day, disco dance, celebrations.

·  Special Visitors: Eg – Athlete, Doctor, Musicians, Vet

These will all vary according to the interests of the children and community involvement.


The specific age grouping of the kindergarten programs brings together children at similar stages of development. With children attending sessions with the same group of children a real sense of cohesiveness, belonging and friendship evolve. From a teaching perspective this provides unique opportunities to extend and scaffold learning as a group.

See FEES AND TIMES for more information on session days and times.


The Child Care Program provides long day care, 5 days per week, 48 weeks of the year.  Our large room and yard cater for up to 25 children at any one time.  The child care program provides opportunities for learning in a mixed age group environment (3-5 years).  The longer period of time offered within the child care program allows children periods of uninterrupted play, opportunities to practise skills, developing independence and their sense of agency.


Kindi Care is offered within the Child Care Program and provides a gentle introduction to interacting with children of a similar age. For children not participating in kindergarten for various reasons, this is an excellent equivalent if a long day is not appropriate. See FEES AND TIMES for more information.